Lena Alder

Environmental & Project Management, Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG

Even at school I was interested in the scientific / technical fields and it was clear that my career choice would be oriented in this direction.

An internship in the 11th grade with the public health department of the district of Euskirchen, showed me how diverse work for health and environmental protection is. This was the crucial factor for me to look for jobs and perspectives in this field.

After my A levels I decided to begin studying "Environmental, Health and Safety Technology" at the University of Applied Sciences in Hesse (THM) Giessen.

The course is thematically very diverse: the basic course consists of typical engineering subjects and is thus strongly scientifically and mathematically influenced. After the 4th semester I specialized in "Environmental and Hygiene Technology" and attended additional courses in the "Safety" field.

In addition to the classical water and technical pollution control lectures, also knowledge in environmental law and socio-technical issues, such as management were intensified.The lectures were always accompanied by internships, so that the theoretical knowledge could be directly applied.

The last part of my studies consisted of a practical work experience semester (BPS) and the thesis. For this, I favoured work in a medium-sized company in the chemical industry, so that the acceptance of a BPS site at Peter Greven GmbH & Co KG was perfect.

During the BPS I was able to perform different work independently, and to get to know the operation with its complex structures. Following this, Peter Greven gave me the opportunity to write my thesis about the recyclability of production wastewater. This topic content corresponded fully to my interests and was a special challenge for me, as the work result should provide meaningful decision guidance for future wastewater treatment. For this purpose, an external test facility was made available to me, which I supervised autonomously.

The trust, on the part of Peter Greven GmbH & Co KG, that was placed in me during my work and the friendly and always helpful colleagues led to a very pleasant work environment.

Since graduating I have been working for the company in the technology / environment fields. My area of responsibility includes environmental and project management, and environmental engineering.

Of my work, I particularly like the variety of tasks that have an administrative, planning and constructive nature which often require teamwork. Other positive factors are the development opportunities which are particularly offered by medium-sized businesses and the resulting motivation. For example, the possibility to train to become an "Environmental Manager" allowed me to take on additional responsibility in the environmental field.