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Peter Greven – Your partner for feed additives

The (animal) feed industry is often more heavily regulated than the food industry. Therefore, additives which are used in the feed industry have to meet special requirements in addition to those of the food industry.

Calcium, magnesium and sodium stearates can be used as feed materials according to the EU feed directive.

In order to meet these extremely high demands, we have introduced a special line of products for the (animal) feed industry with the brand name LIGAFEED®.

Our LIGAFEED® products

  • Are produced on the basis of purely vegetable raw materials
  • Are free from impurities (e.g., dioxins, pesticides and heavy metals)
  • Meet the requirements of the (animal) feed industry
  • Are GMP+ certified

In addition to our existing certifications (FSSC / ISO 22000, Kosher, Halal, RSPO), we successfully completed the GMP+ certification for the animal feed industry in 2013. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, the + stands for the integration of HACCP: Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points.

Among others, our stearates are used in the following feed applications:

  • Amino acids
  • Powder blends/mixtures
  • Feed pellets
  • Salt licks



Metallic Soaps

Calcium soaps

ProductDescriptionFree fatty acid (%)Metal content (%)Humidity (%)Melting point (°C)
LIGAFEED CAVCalcium salt of a vegetable stearic acid max. 0.56.4 - 7.1 max. 3.0140 - 150

Magnesium soaps

ProductDescriptionFree fatty acid (%)Metal content (%)Humidity (%)Melting point (°C)
LIGAFEED MGVMagnesium salt of a vegetable stearic acidmax. 2.0-max. 4.0-

Alkaline soaps

Sodium soaps

ProductDescriptionAV (mg KOH/g)SV (mg KOH/g)IV (gI2/100g)
LIGAFEED NAV-ESodium soap of a vegetable stearic acid195 - 210198 - 213max. 2

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