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For application in the paper industry, we distinguish between two areas:

Paper Coating: product line LIGAFLUID®

In the coating of paper, our products are used as coating colour lubrication agents. High processing speeds with the production of coated papers and the demand for a failure-free process, also places equal demands on the materials used. Therefore, we have developed our soaps and metallic soaps to specialty products for these applications and have realised the following benefits:

  • The processing operations during and after coating are made easier.
  • Bonding of the colour coating on the upper calender roller is prevented.
  • The soaps and metallic soaps act as water repellents and reduce foam formation.
  • Gloss and smoothness of the coated papers are improved.


Deinking: product line SERFAX®

The extraction of pulp from waste paper is still significant. During the processing of the pulp the focus is put on saving natural resources and avoiding too much pressure on the environment. In addition, efforts can be seen to make the deinking process more environmentally friendly.

Collector chemicals based on soap make an important contribution, as the calcium soaps formed in the deinking process are physiologically safe and environmentally neutral. Following these trends also increases demands on the quality of the deinked pulp, and therefore the demands on the materials used. In addition to the degree of whiteness, today, ash discharge, reduction of pits and stickies with minimum fibre loss, play a major role.



Metallic Soaps

Calcium soaps

ProductDescriptionFree fatty acid (%)Metal content (%)Humidity (%)Melting point (°C)
LIGASTAR CA 860Calcium salt of a technical stearic acid max. 0.86.5 - 6.9max. 3.0140 - 160

Zinc soaps

ProductDescriptionFree fatty acid (%)Metal content (%)Humidity (%)Melting point (°C)
LIGASTAR ZN 101/6 Zinc salt of a technical stearic acid max. 1.010.5 - 11.3max. 0.5118 - 122
LIGASTAB ZN 70Zinc salt of a technical stearic acid max. 1.5 10.4 - 11.2 max. 0.5 118 - 124

Fatty acids

Fatty acids

ProductDescriptionAV (mg KOH/g)SV (mg KOH/g)IV (gI2/100g)Free fatty acid (%)Humidity (%)
LIGACID SG 3solid, saturated monocarboxylic acid195 - 205189 - 208max. 3
LIGACID SG 10-12solid, saturated monocarboxylic acid195 - 207202 - 210max. 12
LIGACID SG 23solid, saturated monocarboxylic acid204 - 210205 - 211max. 23
LIGANOL OSTSpecial fatty acid204 - 210205 - 211max. 23
SERFAX OSTFatty acid for deinking200max. 35
SERFAX SG 3Fatty acid for deinkingmax. 205max. 208max. 3
SERFAX SG 10-12Fatty acid for deinkingmax. 211max. 212max. 12
SERFAX RFAFatty acid for deinkingmin. 80max. 0,5

Alkaline soaps

Sodium soaps

ProductDescriptionAV (mg KOH/g)SV (mg KOH/g)IV (gI2/100g)Humidity (%)Free sodium hydroxide (%)
LIGANOL KT/VSodium soap based on special fatty acids ---
SERFAX MT 90Sodium soap for deinkingmax. 11.0max. 0.4
SERFAX DBE Sodium soap for deinkingmax. 11.0max. 0.4



ProductDescriptionpH-valueSolid content (%)
LIGAFLUID CA 40Dispersion of calcium stearate max. 12.039 - 41
LIGAFLUID CA 50 FDispersion of calcium stearate 10.0 - 11.549 - 51
LIGAFLUID CA 50 FHDispersion of calcium stearate 11.0 - 11.549 - 51
LIGAFLUID 50-CWDispersion of calcium stearate 7.5 - 11.049 - 51
LIGAFLUID AS 25Dispersion of ammonium stearat10.0 - 11.023 - 25
LIGAFLUID AS 30Dispersion of ammonium stearat10.3 - 10.829 - 31
LIGAFLUID AS 35Dispersion of ammonium stearat10.3 - 10.834 - 35
LIGAFLUID 30-AMWDispersion of ammonium stearatmax. 11.029 - 31
LIGAFLUID 40-ZWDispersion of zinc stearate6.5 - 8.539 - 41
LIGAFLUID FS 25Dispersion of special monocarboxylic acids5.5 - 7.024 - 26
LIGAFLUID FS 30Dispersion of special monocarboxylic acids5.5 - 7.029 - 31

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