Peter Greven Nederland C.V.

Our subsidiary for Life Science.

In our office in Venlo (Netherlands), we produce metal soaps, alkali soaps and dispersions.
These products are based solely on selected, high quality vegetable fatty acids.

For many years now, Peter Greven has aligned the Venlo location consistently to the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, feed and cosmetic industry: all the products are manufactured under GMP conditions and in accordance with HACCP standards, are Kosher and Halal certified, meet all major pharmacopoeia (eg Ph. Eur, USP / NF, BP, JP, CP, DAB), the FDA guidelines for direct food contact (GRAS) and are compliant with the latest Food Chemical Codex (FCC).
In addition, a management system for food safety was introduced, which was awarded the FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000) certificate.
Furthermore, in 2013 Peter Greven successfully completed GMP + B2 (2010) certification for the animal feed industry.
For more information with regard to our certificates, please see Quality Management 

In Venlo we produce the following product lines:


LIGAMED® - premium excipients for the pharmaceutical industry according to GMP guidelines
LIGAFOOD® - quality additives for the food industry, FSSC 22000 certified

  • LIGAFEED® - special additives for the animal feed industry , GMP + certified

  • LIGAFLUID® - quality dispersions

Our production site in Venlo:

Edisonstraat 1

NL-5928 PG Venlo