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Our product portfolio is just as diverse as its areas of application! The metal soaps, alkaline soaps, esters and dispersions are used in many industries. We are optimally adjusted to the different requirement profiles and can meet the needs in all areas with our brands. More detailed information on the areas of application of our products can be found on the respective subpages.

Kunststoff • Peter Greven Gruppe


Our additives are often used as stabilizers and lubricants. But they also offer many other functionalities.

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Putze • Peter Greven Gruppe


As hydrophobing agents, our LIGAPHOB® pro­ducts are essential additives for building materials of all kinds.

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Schmierstoffe • Peter Greven Gruppe


Our LIGALUB® esters are indispensable as base oils for the production of biodegradable lubricants.

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Papier • Peter Greven Gruppe


Whether during waste paper recycling or the production of new paper: Our products offer helpful properties for various process steps.

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Gummi • Peter Greven Gruppe


As release agents and lubricants, our products are important additives for the manufacturing of rubber products.

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Pharma • Peter Greven


Our LIGAMED® products meet all comprehensive quality requirements of the pharmaceu­tical industry and are indispensable as release agents and lubricants.

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Lebensmittel • Peter Greven Gruppe


Our LIGAFOOD® additives meet all food guidelines. Their use is of great importance in many areas of the food industry.

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Futtermittel • Peter Greven Gruppe


With LIGAFEED® we offer a range of additives that are tailored to the needs of the animal feed industry.

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Kosmetik • Peter Greven Gruppe


Our products are relevant as additives in various areas of the cosmetics industry.

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