Fatty Acid and Glycerine

Fatty acids and glycerine are obtained through the splitting of oils and fats.

Fatty acid is a group name for monocarboxylic acids which consist of a carboxyl group (-COOH) and a different length, but almost exclusively unbranched hydrocarbon chain.

Composition and structure of fatty acids:

The name given to fatty acid is in part due to the chemical properties of this substance group, which through its carboxyl group react acidly. Fatty acids differ in the number of carbon atoms (chain length) and - for unsaturated fatty acids - in the number and position of the double bonds.

Due to its three hydroxyl groups (OH groups) in the molecular structure, glycerine belongs to the trivalent alcohols and is also known under the name of glycerol. Glycerine is present in all natural fats and oils as fatty acid esters (triglycerides).

Our most important products and their technical data for fatty acids and glycerine:

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Fatty acids

ProductDescriptionApplicationsAV (mg KOH/g)SV (mg KOH/g)IV (gI2/100g)Free fatty acid (%)Humidity (%)
LIGACID SG 3solid, saturated monocarboxylic acidLubricants, Paper195 - 205189 - 208max. 3
LIGACID SG 10-12solid, saturated monocarboxylic acidLubricants, Paper, Rubber195 - 207202 - 210max. 12
LIGACID SG 23solid, saturated monocarboxylic acidPaper204 - 210205 - 211max. 23
LIGANOL OSTSpecial fatty acidPaper204 - 210205 - 211max. 23
LIGACID OWliquid, unsaturated monocarboxylic acidLubricants, Various199 - 205200 - 20690 - 100
LIGALUB FSOSpecial fatty acidLubricants172 - 185180 - 192max. 4
LIGALUB SHSpecial fatty acidPlastics195 - 205198 - 208 -
LIGALUB SRSpecial fatty acidPlastics194 - 212 - -
LIGAMED SA-2-V-MBSpecial fatty acid, RSPO Mass BalancePharma, Cosmetics196 - 211197 - 212max. 4
SERFAX OSTFatty acid for deinkingPaper200max. 35
SERFAX SG 3Fatty acid for deinkingPapermax. 205max. 208max. 3
SERFAX SG 10-12Fatty acid for deinkingPapermax. 211max. 212max. 12
SERFAX RFAFatty acid for deinkingPapermin. 80max. 0,5
LIGAMED SA-1-V-MBSpecial fatty acid, RSPO Mass BalancePharma, Cosmetics196 - 211197-212max. 4
LIGAMED SA-1-V-SGSpecial fatty acid, RSPO SegregatedPharma, Cosmetics196 - 211197 - 212max. 4


ProductDescriptionApplicationsGlycerine content (%)Colour (Hazen)Ash (%)Chloride (ppm)
LIGA GLYZERIN 99,5viscous, colourless, clear liquidVariousmin 99.5max. 40max. 0.05max. 100
LIGA GLYZERIN 86viscous, colourless, clear liquidVarious86.0 - 87.0max. 40max. 0.05max. 100

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