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Jubilee 2023

This year we celebrate our companies 100th anniversary. We are proud to have reached this milestone!

PETER GREVEN - Your specialist for oleochemical additives

We produce metallic soaps, alkaline soaps, esters and dispersions which are used for different industrial applications globally.  



Peter Greven Group

We are one of the leading producers of oleochemical products based on sustainable raw materials. 

Our family-owned company was founded in 1923 and continuously developed ever since. Today, we are an international corporate group with production sites in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the US delivering customers in more than 85 countries worldwide. 



News & latest information on Peter Greven Group

Here you can find all news and the latest information from our oleochemicals business unit. 
Stay tuned on our activities!


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From 26th to 28th September 2023 Lubricant Expo took place in Essen for the second time. We participated as an exhibitor again and can look back to…

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Website Relaunch

We have taken our 100th anniversary this year as an opportunity refresh the look of our website.

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Energie • Peter Greven Gruppe

By switching our power supply to "eco" contract, we can contribute by saving 3.605.300 kg CO2 compared to the German electricity mix every year!

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This year is a very special one to us as we celebrate a major jubilee: 100 years of Peter Greven! A lot has changed since we were founded in 1923. We…

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Logo RCI • Peter Greven Gruppe

Since November 2022 we are a member of Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI).

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Vortrag HU • Peter Greven Gruppe

At this year’s European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit, our Head of Development Oleochemicals, Dr. Wilhelm Huber, gave a presentation on “The Evolution…

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Peter Greven • Peter Greven Gruppe

Few weeks ago, we started commissioning a new production line at our site in Penang, MY.

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VE5 • Peter Greven Gruppe

In April 2022, we started up a new esterification line at our site in Bad Münstereifel (DE). It will increase our production capacity for esters by…

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Palmöl • Peter Greven Gruppe

We are a supporter of Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) and we have supported projects of the association in the past. Therefore, we are very…

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LUBE Artikel Dichtungsverträglichkeit • Peter Greven Gruppe

We likely announce that our technical article about sealing compatibility of ester base oils was released in the current issue of Lube magazine.

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Produktion volle Kapazität • Peter Greven Gruppe

Almost 3 months have passed since the flood hit our site in Bad Münstereifel. Thanks to the strong engagement of our employees we were able to get…

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Vergleichsbild Technikum • Peter Greven Gruppe

The devastating flood that hit our site in Bad Münstereifel hard is now about a month ago. A month that was dedicated to clearing up, cleaning and…

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Last Friday, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Economics Pinkwart and Rhineland-Palatinate’s Minister of Economics Schmitt visited companies ion…

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Statusupdate • Peter Greven Gruppe

2 weeks have passed since the flooding situation at our headquarters in Bad Münstereifel. Especially during the first 7 - 10 days we were quite busy…

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Warnzeichen • Peter Greven Gruppe

Due to the flood situation caused by the extreme weather our we have to declare Force Majeure for our site in Bad Münstereifel.

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Peter Greven • Peter Greven Gruppe

Due to the flood situation caused by the extreme weather you can’t reach our headquarters in Bad Münstereifel by phone or email right now.

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FONAP Studie Wirkungsmonitoring • Peter Greven Gruppe

The recently published study “Impact monitoring of palm oil sustainability schemes”, commissioned by FONAP, states that certification schemes for…

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COSMOS certificate

COSMOS • Peter Greven Gruppe

Selected LIGAMED® and PALMSTAR® products are now COSMOS approved and may be used for organic and natural cosmetics.

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LUBE Artikel Estolide • Peter Greven Gruppe

We likely announce that our technical article about estolides was released in the current issue of Lube magazine.

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ESTOLUB Newsveröffentlichung • Peter Greven Gruppe

Our new ESTOLUB® product line for the lubricant industry offers a new generation of first-class biolubricants.

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APAG oleochemicals video

APAG Oleochemie • Peter Greven Gruppe

APAG (European Oleochemicals and Allied Products Group) published a new explanatory video regarding oleochemicals.

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Stearate • Peter Greven Gruppe

In addition to our internal, product related development, we always strive to support research beyond the boundaries of our own company with our…

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Peter Greven • Peter Greven Gruppe

Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of oleochemical additives, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Solenis Switzerland…

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News Location Ambler • Peter Greven Gruppe

The headquarters and the development lab of Norac Additives have, so far, been located in Pomona, CA (US). During the last year the idea of relocating…

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Peter Greven • Peter Greven Gruppe

As a leading manufacturer of oleochemical additives with four international sites we put a new, state-of-the-art production line for dust-free…

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FONAP Kleinbauernprojekt • Peter Greven Gruppe

To support the sustainable production of palm oil, Peter Greven Nederland is supporting member of FONAP (Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2017.…

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Artikel ZKG • Peter Greven Gruppe

ZKG magazine published the results of our long-term field study regarding the effects of oleochemical ...

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News Bio Innovation Park • Peter Greven Gruppe

We are glad to be accepted as a member of bio innovation park Rheinland e.V.

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Lube Artikel Ester • Peter Greven Gruppe

We likely announce that our technical article about “The iodine value as a measure of the stability of ester base oils” was released in the current…

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Meet us


23 - 25. January 2024

Ostfildern/Stuttgart, DE


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19 - 21. March 2024

Detroit, MI, US

Booth 222

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Lubricant Expo

17 - 19. September 2024

Düsseldorf, DE

Booth 117

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Sustainability at Peter Greven

At Peter Greven, sustainability and responsible use of natural resources have always been fundamental aspects of the corporate philosophy. Therefore, all products are based on natural, renewable raw materials. 

We strive to keep a focus on sustainability with all of our general corporate actions and our products themselves and also to continuously improve in that area.




Price information technical products

For the 4th quarter of 2023 we have seen a slight reduction of the prices for the tallow and vegetable based fatty acids again. As they are our main raw materials, we were able to decrease the pricing of most products as well. 


Download information material

You are interested in our products? Within our application brochures you can find all information on the respective product range.