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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that adheres to international standards and provides transparent and comparable information about a product's environmental impacts. This data is based on a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA). The use of EPDs is currently gaining significance, especially in the construction industry.

EPDs can be created either by the manufacturers themselves or by associations. Being created by associations, the documents tend to be more general and apply to a product category rather than a specific product. Validation by an independent third party ensures the data accuracy.

Typically, an EPD includes different information:

  1. Product Description
    A description of the product or service, including its functions and applications. Therefore, this section might seem similar to a technical data sheet.
  2. Life Cycle Assessment
    A summary of the product's life cycle phases, including raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, usage and disposal.
  3. Environmental Performance Indicators
    Information on the environmental impacts of the product, such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water usage and waste production.

We are currently working on our first EPD for a standard product of the LIGAPHOB series for construction sector. Once finalised, it will provide our customers with transparent information about the product and its environmental impacts at a glance.