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Monitoring of the impact of palm oil sustainability schemes

FONAP Studie Wirkungsmonitoring • Peter Greven Gruppe

With our RSPO Mass Balance and Segregated certified products we support the use of sustainably grown palm oil. Our site in Venlo uses 100 % RSPO Mass Balance certified fatty acids for some years now and additionally also uses some RSPO Segregated certified fatty acids. Besides being a member of RSPO Peter Greven Nederland is also Supporter of FONAP.

The recently published study “Impact monitoring of palm oil sustainability schemes”, commissioned by FONAP, states that certification schemes for sustainable palm oil have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions, the preservation of primary forests and with high protective values. Furthermore, they also contribute to improvement of income and working conditions of the farmers.

The whole study can be found here.

We are glad to support this positive development with our RSPO certified products and hope to further increase the share of certified products throughout all production sites.