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New FONAP pilot project

Palmöl • Peter Greven Gruppe

We are a supporter of Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) and we have participated in projects of the association in the past. Therefore, we are very pleased to also support the latest project that was recently started by FONAP.

Together with the local palm oil forum for smallholders FORTASBI, FONAP has initiated a new pilot project in Indonesia. The aim is to support sustainable operations of smallholders who cultivate palm oil. With different measures, the following objectives are pursued:


  • Support social forestry
  • Improve the water quality of the local river
  • Enhance soil health

According to Sascha Tischer, Vice Chairman of FONAP, the approach of the project is special as it also involves local government and administrative structures and therefore intends to be effective in a larger, coherent area.

Take a look at the FONAP press release for more detailed information on the project.