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Research collaboration with the University Bonn for building protection

Stearate • Peter Greven Gruppe

In addition to our internal, product related development, we always strive to support research beyond the boundaries of our own company with our products and resources.

The latest research collaboration is located in the building protection area. Pervasive issues like sustainability and circular economy are not stopping for the building material industry. Therefore, building materials based on sustainable raw materials, which enable the integration into a circular economy concept, have become important subjects in research. The INRES – Nachwachsende Rohstoffe of the University Bonn is also carrying out research related to that topic. One specific project is the development of 100% biodegradable thermal insulation systems.

We are very pleased that we can support the University Bonn during this research project. Our portfolio of hydrophobing agents as well as our extensive application technology know-how enables us to contribute an appropriate hydrophobing solution for the new, innovative thermal insulation systems. As our products are based on natural and renewable raw materials they are perfectly suitable for biodegradable building materials.

Since the collaboration started we have already achieved various positive results. We are looking forward to the final outcome and are confident that it will turn out to be as successful as the progresses to date.

In addition to the research cooperation we are connected with University Bonn and various other, progress-oriented institutions, companies and communities through the bio innovation park Rheinland e.V. This steadily growing network aims to create a unique competence and presentation space for green technology and innovative ideas.

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