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Status update site Bad Münstereifel

Vergleichsbild Technikum • Peter Greven Gruppe

Vergleich des Technikums direkt nach der Flut und nach dem Wiederaufbau.

The devastating flood that hit our site in Bad Münstereifel hard is now about a month ago. A month that was dedicated to clearing up, cleaning and repairing. The major part of our area is now cleaned up – only in some parts, like for example a hardly affected warehouse, we are still working to remove the mud. The necessary reparations in all areas have started as well.

Therefore, we were able to restart the first production lines at the beginning of August. Currently, about 50 % of our capacities are operational again – the first milestone has thus been achieved! The main objective is still to run at full capacity again until end of September.

Even though the effects of the flood will keep us busy for quite some time to come, we are glad that things are on a good way so far.