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The application of our products in the paper industry is divided into two areas: paper coating and deinking.

Paper Coating

Our products are used as coating colour lubricants during the coating of paper. They facilitate the pro­cessing procedures during and after the paper coa­ting. The high processing speeds during production and the demand for a smooth process set high stand­ards for the additives used.

Metallic soap dispersions are the main additives for paper coating. Dependent on the application alkaline soaps may also be suitable.

Due to the special requirements our product portfolio contains products which were customised for this application. Therefore, they can:

  • facilitate the processing procedure during and after paper coating.
  • prevent the coating colour from sticking to the calendar roll.
  • act as hydrophobing agent and limit the foam development.
  • improve the shine and smoothness of the papers. 

Our brand for paper coating


Application areas

Our LIGAFLUID® coating colour lubricants can be used during the production of different coated papers like for example

High gloss and catalog papers

Thermal papers

Food papers


Recycling is an overall present subject and still gaining in importance. Within the paper industry the extrac­tion of pulp from waste paper is the major contribu­tion to recycling. The main focus during  paper re­treat­ment are the preservation of the feedstock as well as the best possible minimization of the environ­mental impact.

Deinking is the part of the recycling process that removes ink from the paper fibres. The mainly used process for this is called flotation process and the additives used to remove the ink from the paper are also known as collector chemicals.

Our SERFAX® brand is especially designed for the deinking process and offers soaps, fatty acids and liquid products which ensure efficient ink removal while simultaneously guaranteeing optimum fibre yield.

Our brand for deinking


Application areas

Our SERFAX® products are used for flotation deinking of different pater types, for example

Toilet paper

Office paper

Newsprint paper

Magazine paper

Corrugated board



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