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PETER GREVEN – Your partner for cosmetic additives

The cosmetics sector has a long history with soaps being the oldest cosmetic products according to current knowledge.  In the cuneiform script of the ancient Babylonians, for example, there are recipes for the production of soaps for body cleansing. Even though surfactants have often taken over the soaps’ function as detergents, many cosmetic products still contain metallic and alkaline soaps.

Our metallic and alkaline soaps for the cosmetic industry are based on vegetable raw materials and are approved for cosmetic applications according to INCI registration.

Application areas

products can be used as

  • separating agents
  • gelling agents
  • processing aids
  • emulsifiers

in different cosmetics, like for example

  • cremes and ointments
  • tooth paste
  • roll-on deodorant
  • mascara
  • eye shadow
  • powder.

Product Management

Our product management is at your disposal for technical advice. For commercial inquiries you can contact our sales team.

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