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Within the construction industry many building materials are made hydrophobic to secure a long-term protection against harmful weather influence.

During hydrophobization, the surface is coated throughout the entire cross-section so that the protection of the building material is guaranteed for many years. Outdoor weathering test series were carried out to prove the long-term effectiveness.

Metallic soaps and alkaline soaps are very suitable hydrophobing agents. Metallic soaps are among the non-reactive hydrophobing agents for their natural hydrophobing effect, while alkaline soaps are effective through reaction with mineral components of the building material. Therefore, they are also known as reactive hydrophobing agents.

Combination products complete our construction product portfolio and combine the advantages of non-reactive and reactive hydrophobing agents.

In addition to the product categories mentioned above we also offer a range of selected dispersions suitable for special applications within the construction industry.


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Application areas


Basic plasters are common building materials. They need hydrophobization but the require­ments for the hydrophobing agent used are less complex compared to other plaster types. It is particularly important that the plasters ability to sustain the natural moisture balance is not affected by the hydrophobing agent.  

Our metallic soaps are very suitable for the hydrophobization of basic plasters as they offer good hydrophobing properties while they don’t exhibit a negative impact on the natural moisture balance.

Finishing plaster needs very good hydropho­bization because it is directly exposed to wea­thering as it forms the top layer. Additionally, the hydrophobing agent is required not to impact the plasters surface structure.

Dependent on the respective customer require­ments, our metallic soaps as well as our alka­line soaps or combination products can be used as hydrophobing agents.  

Restoration plasters are indispensable building materials for restoration projects. Their require­ments for hydrophobing agents are very high since water needs to evaporate from the da­maged spots while, at the same time, the intru­sion of new water must be prevented.

In this application our metallic soaps and com­bination products are particularly suitable as they offer the necessary valve effect without affecting the air voids of the system.


Adhesive and reinforcing mortars are used as foundation for the majority of multi-layer plas­ter systems. Good hydrophobization is required as they form a stable intermediate layer between ground and plaster.

Our alkaline soaps and combination products offer the best protection for adhesive and rein­forcing mortar.

Grout is commonly used as a foundation for tiles or paving stones. In addition to good stability it needs to provide a smooth surface. Hydropho­bing agents are needed to secure those proper­ties by preventing the grout from swelling caused by penetration of water.

The alkaline soaps and combination products range has also proved very successful for grout applications.


Tile or reinforcement adhesives, for example, are important basic materials for construction industry and bring up special requirements for their hydrophobing agents. 

They require them to provide a good wettability of the surface while simultaneously offering a sufficient hydrophobing effect.

According to these requirements, our alkaline soaps and combination products are suitable for adhesive hydrophobization.

Special Applications

External thermal insulation composite sys­tems are thermal insulation systems consisting of multiple layers. Due to the different materials used in this system a good hydrophobization is required to secure the longevity.

Our alkaline soaps as well as our combination products offer ideal properties for the use in ETICS.

With concrete, cement and screed, mixing often takes place in liquid form. Therefore, the require­ments for the hydrophobing agents often vary from the ones for other building materials. A hydrophobing agent that is also liquid is almost indispensable as it has less influence on the capillary system and viscosity.

In addition to the product categories metallic soaps, alkaline soaps and combination products we also offer dispersions. These specialty pro­ducts are particularly suitable for the extraordi­nary requirements in these applications.

Product Management

Our product management is at your disposal for technical advice. For commercial inquiries you can contact our sales team.

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