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PETER GREVEN – Your partner for feed additives

Products for use in animal feeds do not only have to meet the regulations of the food industry but even special, feed-specific requirements. Therefore, feed industry is often even more regulated than the food industry.

According to the EU feed directive calcium, magnesium and sodium soaps are authorised feed additives.

In order to meet the high, industry-specific requirements we introduced LIGAFEED®, a brand for products tailored to the feed industry.

Quality Criteria LIGAFEED® products

Production with RSPO certified, vegetable raw materials only

Free from impurities 
(as for example dioxins, pesticides and heavy metals)

GMP+ certification available

Authorised according to EU feed directive

Substitute for silicone-based products

Application areas

Our feed additives can be used as

  • flowability agents
  • hydrophobing agents
  • carriers
  • separating agents
  • emulsifiers
  • coating agents
  • gelling agents

in feed products like

  • amino acids
  • powder mixtures
  • feed pellets
  • salt lickstones.


Product Management

Our product management is at your disposal for technical advice. For commercial inquiries you can contact our sales team.

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