First NSF certified ester within our product portfolio

As of now our product portfolio is extended by two esters, which are certified according to NSF guideline HX-1: LIGALUB 18 TMP A HX
LIGALUB L 103 D HX NSF International is an independent organisation with the objective of developing public standards and certification programs. Those shall support the protection of food, water, consumer products and the environment worldwide. One area of NSF's work is the certification of Non-food Compounds (products which are no foodstuffs but may have incidental food contact during the use within food industry). As those products are not manufactured according to the strict requirements of the food industry, a certification offers the advantage of an independent organisation examining the smooth use of the non-food compound for the food industry. Therefore, both of our lubricants which have been certified by NSF successfully are harmless for the use in food industry as well. The category HX-1 indicates that those products can be used as ingredients in H1 lubricants (general incidental food contact possible). For further information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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