Dr. Hermann-Josef Stolz, Head of Production and R & D, was lecturing at the 14. Colour and Paint conference in Kassel, Germany. Dr. Stolz explained in his speech how the new demands for the oleochemical additives can be fulfilled by an elaborated choice of raw materials and modifications of the production process.

 The topic of Dr. Stolz speech was „Hydrophobing of mineral systems with additives of renewable sources":

" The big challenge of the 21 century is to realise a sustainable development. This affects also the chemical industry and the insertion of its raw materials. Today more than 10% of the raw materials that are used in the chemical industry are based on renewable sources. The main share with more than 40% are Oils and Fats, which have a long tradition in the chemical industry. But the usage of these raw materials also contains limits resulting in availability of the material, economical and processing reasons.

 Modifications of the building material - which meet the above mentioned trend - result also in new requirements regarding the additives."

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