Company History

The soap factory has developed into a modern chemical works with a broad range of products.


Peter Greven - Present and Future

After more than 90 years the oleochemical division has more than 350 employees. To offer our customers also in the future innovative and high-quality products we invest in new technologies, products and in the training of our employees.


Foundation of Norac Additives in the US

Peter Greven forms Norac Additives LLC after the assets of the additives division of US company Norac Inc. were aquired. The new production site in Helena, Arkansas, as well as the office and development laboratory in Pomona, California, lead to another increase in international presence, especially throughout the US.


Finishing of the new administration and laboratory building

As Peter Greven strives to continuously improve and modernise its sites, a new office building as well as a new laboratory were built at the headquarters in Bad Münstereifel.


Foundation of the subsidiary Peter Greven US

To further increase the international presence the new sales office in New Jersey, which is the first site within the US, is opened.


In cooperation with IOI Oleochemical industries Peter Greven set up the Joint Venture Peter Greven Asia in Penang.

Merging the strengths of this two market leaders the vision and aim of the Joint Venture Peter Greven Asia is to attain a leading position in metallic soaps in Asia.
Those metallic soaps will be used as additives in many diversified applications, the biggest industry partners will be plastics, rubber, building protection and paper industry.
The main markets for the Joint Venture will be the Asian markets China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, but also Middle East and the U.S..



Peter Greven takes over stearate business of company Ceca

While a lot of companies in the chemical market reduce their business due to the difficult market situation Peter Greven expands its business and aquired the stearate business of company Ceca (a subsidiary of Total-Atofina). With this acquisition we enlarged our product portfolio with some specialities, we extended our customer base and strengthened our market position as one of the leading producers of stearates in Europe.



The new millenium

In 2000 GREVEN took over a manufacturing plant in Venlo (Netherlands), its business is led by the subsidiary PETER GREVEN NEDERLAND. This manufacturing plant, which is situated near the German-Dutch border, exclusively produces vegetable based metallic soaps.


Tradition and Innovation

The Ninetees were determined by innovative and directive changes. In order to reduce packing material a modern BigBag, container and silo trailer filing equipment was installed.

As one of the first worldwide the company GREVEN carried out the step from conventional batch saponification to a fully automatic contisaponification.


Perfection of the logistics

In the Eightees the production sector of fatty acid derivates was extended by ester.

The new building of a computer-aided high-bay warehouse and the use of a robot-controlled confectioning system led to an optimization of the total logistics.


New production plants

The Seventies were characterized by basic changes. Apart from a modern administration building new efficient production plants were installed, in order to come up to the increasing demand for metallic soaps.

The installation of a modern high-pressure lipolysis system was also carried out in this period.



In 1956 the production of metallic soaps was started, for which completely new technologies had to be developed. Due to the then starting market development, especially in the plastics industry, processing auxiliary products gained more and more in importance.

On 2nd november 1956, the subsidiary company "Chemische Fabrik Iversheim" was founded which specialized in the production of of dispenser dosable products for skin cleansing. Until today these products are offered on the market under the name "IVRAXO".



From soap to additives and derivats

In 1945, after the second World War, the sons Heinz and Günther Greven started to work within their father's business. Both already gained first experiences in their time as trainees before the war in different companies of industrial chemistry. During the following years they carried out the change from the soap factory to the manufacturer of fat chemical additives and derivates.


Independence of raw material markets

In 1934 a lipolysis equipment was put into operation, in order to cover the increasing demand for fatty acids. From now on the company was more independent of raw material markets and, at the same time, the production programme could be extended by further products.


The foundation

In 1923, Peter Greven established the "soap and glycerine factory". At first main emphasis was put on the soda, laundry soap and washing powder production. With only a few members of staff Peter Greven already then laid the foundations for the positive developement of the company to the current market position.

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